judograd05 (judograd05) wrote in autosports,

hey i am new here but i want someones opion on this i have a 96 mustang it was a V-6 but i droped a 5.0 V-8. It is bored out 25 mm over ported and polished alluminum pistons. all the rocker arms were changed for light weight alluminim. It has new everthing nothing is original under the hood i put a new tranmisson and a dana 52 spine rear end. performance is no where near stock i left a saleen supercharged sitting. i havent desided should i put a quite exaust on it and leave everyone tinking its just a little 6 or should i put on magna flow and let everyone know what i got if i go with louder pipes i am putting body kits and super charging it. what do you think?
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